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All About Keith

Growing up in a modest urban neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, Keith Kemper had a fascination with the intricate nuances of music produced on the screen, stage and in the studio. Keith developed an uncanny ability to reproduce music by ear and quickly mastered the piano by age 7. Through his role models, the legendary John Williams, David Foster and Barry Manilow, Keith has cultured a successful 20 year career in the music industry. Keith has advanced to be one of the premier music talents coveted by many in the industry for his diversity, flexibility and unique style that is all his own.

As a composer and producer Keith has worked with many of the industry's top producers and DJs such as Johnny Vicious, Razor 'n' Guido, Peter McLean, John Rizzo, Mickey Garcia, Willie Colon, Ira Gold, Juan Valentine and many others. He has worked for many music labels such as Sony, Epic, BMI, ISV Entertainment, D1 Music, J Records, Strictly Rhythm, Waako Records, Mic Mac Records, Phenom Records, Now Records, 2 Da Groove and Phase One Productions to name a few. He has also worked with some of the industry's most amazing talents such as The Village People, Boy George, Tiffany, Samantha Fox, Zaylan / Fusemix Productions, RuPaul, Sammy Figueroa, BK2, Bylli Crayone, Promise Circle, Lil' Suzy, Taborah & Darryl D'Bonneau, Raquela, SupaNova, Destiny Williams, Cynthia & Lisette Melendez, Gene Roberts, Wanda Houston, Lisa Hunt, Ernest Kohl, Kimberly Davis, Angie Gold, Allegra Ashton, Crazy Harry, Shara Strand and many, many others. Stay tuned as Keith has partnered with Val Records, a Warner Bros. affiliate, currently working on exciting and new upcoming projects.

Keith's stellar Billboard hits include Lisa Hunt's 'The Joint Is Jumpin', SupaNova's 'No Secrets', Taborah & Darryl D'Bonneau's classic remake of 'Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now' and most recently Kimberly Davis' 'Twist of Love'. His album 'Instant '80's Today' and the D1 Music's 'Club Christmas' album series yearly continue to dominate the international download charts. Keith has also performed live on television on QPTV and performed in local clubs in his own band. His biggest Off-Broadway success was his widely acclaimed soundtrack to Robert Cabell's play 'I,Sarah – The Divine' directed by Peter McLean. He has even created music for the popular video game Project Gotham Racing 2 among other varied projects.

What sets Keith apart from many producer/composer/performers is his amazing chameleon-like ability to reproduce almost any style of music. Be it a ballad, a remix of the latest dance or pop track, a theatrical or film score, a commercial jingle, the latest video game score, or just performing his original work on stage, Keith is at home with all these styles and genres of music. Keith is able to quickly get projects done in record speed with superior professional results and quality. Many in the industry prize this as his most amazing asset; to get done what most cannot in record time.

The future is certainly bright for Keith Kemper as he continues to work with many other major artists and producers in all areas of the music and entertainment industry. To see a good portion of his work, surf this website or Google “Keith Kemper” to see all his videos and music on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo!

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