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International recording artist and producer Keith Kemper, has been blessed with the opportunity to work with two dance music legends who have recently passed away, Robert Miles known for his global smash hit “Children” and for discovering a new style of dance music “Dream House” that would pave the way for new electronic artists for generations to come and DJ Guido Osorio, who passed away last year and was one-half of the Long Island-based DJ/production duo Razor N’ Guido, who’s chart topping hits have set the music world on fire.
Keith Kemper has worked with many of the heaviest hitters in the electronic music world but one of his brightest, shining moments, is when he got to work with Razor and Guido on their remix of the Robert Miles classic “Fable”. Robert Miles remains one of Keith’s biggest musical influences. Keith felt that the timing was right to shed some light on this fantastic collaboration with his special tribute called “Destiny” from his new album “Tranceology”.

It is with great sadness but with an incredible sense of pride, that Keith Kemper dedicates his new album “Tranceology” to the memory of these amazing music legends.
Keith plans to carry the torch that these groundbreaking producers and musicians have set before Keith and a new generation of music industry professionals.

Keith Kemper- Destiny


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